Booking Terms

Booking Terms

  1. Once you make a booking, we will send an email or a phone call to inform you of availability and to confirm your reservation/itinerary and all information, we need to get all your personal particulars, quantity required and associated details.
  2. In order to confirm your booking, we need a minimum 30% of the total amount payment as a deposit, unless otherwise stated.     
  3. In most case, unless otherwise stated, the full balance must be received by us at least 2 weeks(14 days) prior to departure, or at the earliest possible convenience with a last-minute booking. Bookings made within 2 weeks(14 days) of travel require immediate full payment.
  4. We will get booking request up to 5 days prior to your travel(if book just a direct vehicle transfer arrangement, we accept the one up to 3 days prior). When your booking is completed, we will send you confirmation sheet by e-mail.

Payment Method

  1. Payment shall be made by credit card (VISA, Mastercard) or bank transfer.
  2. Where international bank transfer is used, a separate international transfer fee of 4000JPY may be added to your final invoice.
  3. Once the tour is started, there is no refund of payment.  (bought this up from your cancellation policy as its about payment)

Service Policy

  1. North Star Travel Co., Ltd. shall not be responsible or liable for damages incurred by the client/s owing to the following reasons:
  2. Natural disaster, war, disturbances uprisings, and alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due to such causes or other acts of God.
  3. Accidents or fire related to transportation, accommodation facilities, etc., and alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due to above-mentioned causes.
  4. Orders of either Japanese or foreign government officials, immigration regulations, isolation as the result of infectious disease, and alteration or cancellation of the tour itinerary due to such causes.
  5. Accidents occurred or injuries incurred by participants’ throughout the tour.
  6. Food poisoning.
  7. Theft.
  8. Delays, stoppages, alternations of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and alternation of the tour itinerary and shortening of staying time at destinations due to such causes.
  9. Any causes which are beyond the control of Sapporo Guiding Service or the agents in charge of tour arrangements.
  10. All claims from client/s will be by the Sapporo district court and will be based on Japanese laws.

Cancellation Policies

  1. We accept cancellations from our clients directly with us via telephone or email. We do not accept cancellations via a third party.
  2. Our cancellation policies are:

Cancellation over 8 days before travel — no charge

7-2 days before travel ——————– 30% of tour(transportation) fee

1 day before travel ———————— 40% of tour(transportation) fee

On the day of travel ———————– 50% of tour(transportation) fee

NO SHOW on the day ——————— 100% of tour(transportation) fee

**With regards to the various services offered, in the event that the contents of these terms of use conflict with separate terms defined for such services, such separate policy shall take precedence.