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One day, Nicholas Khor group

One day tour for 4 people from/to Noboribetsu onsen hotel. Itinerary 12/23 Noboribetsu >> Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura >> Lake Toya >> Showashinzan bear park >> Noboribetsu Details They used our shuttle 2 way airport transfer service as well. Originally they had a plan to enjoy winter activities near Noboribetsu however had to change because of lack of snow this winter. First visit Date Jidaimura and enjoy Oiran SHOW. One of group member on the stage as a lord! Then spent a time around Toya area – lake Toya, Mt. Usu and Showashinzan.

3 days, Karen Chin group

8 people group from New Chitose airport to Sapporo via Noboribetsu, Toya, Niseko, Otaru etc. Itinerary 12/11 New Chitose airport >> Noboribetsu(Hell valley) >> Lake Toya >> Mt. Usu and Showashinzan >> Toyako onsen stay 12/12 Toyako >> Niseko(Milk Kobo, Snow mobile experience) >> Yoichi, Nikka whiskey distillery >> Otaru stay 12/13 Otaru >> Otaru canal, Sakaimachi street >> Kitahiroshima Mitsui outlet >> Shiroi Koibito park >> Sapporo Details After TG 670 arriving at the airport, did Noboribetsu and Toya sightseeing. Not much snow around this area but they had a fun with snow on day 1. Day 2 was different because they went into Niseko, deep snow area, and […]

One day, Hui Choo Teong group

6 adults and 4 kids group had Otaru/Yoichi day tour from hotel in Sapporo Itinerary 12/14 Sapporo >> Nijo market >> Yoichi Nikka whisky distillery >> Otaru(canal, Sakaimachi shopping street) >> Shiroi Koibito park >> Sapporo Details Before going to Otaru/Yoichi area, they started a tour with morning walk at Sapporo Nijo market area. It was a typical one day tour Yoich and Otaru tour included Nikka whisky distillery, Otaru canal and Sakaimachi shopping street. Final destination was Shiroi koibito park illuminated winter holiday version.

5 days, Clive Fok group

5 days winter tour from New Chitose airport to Sapporo for 9 people. Itinerary 12/8 New Chitose airport >> Asahikawa(Ramen village, Otokoyama sake brewery >> Asahikawa stay 12/9 Asahikawa >> Sounkyo, Kurodake ropeway >> Asahiyama zoo >> Asahikawa stay 12/10 Asahikawa >> Biei(Blue pond, Shirahige falls) >> Furano cheese factory >> Noboribetsu onsen stay 12/11 Noboribetsu >> Hell valley >> Mt. Usu and Showahinzan >> Lake Toya >> Toyako onsen stay 12/12 Toyako >> Kyogoku fukidashi park >> Niseko >> Sapporo Details Originally they were supposed to visit Asahiyama zoo on the first day however swapped day 1 to 2 because of heavy snow. Yes, day 2 was beautiful day […]

One day, Louis Tan group

One day tour from Rusutsu ski resort to Sapporo downtown via Otaru. Itinerary 12/4 Rusutsu >> Otaru(canal, Sakaimachi street etc. ) >> Mitsui outlet park Kitahiroshima >> Sapporo Details After enjoyed winter activities in Rusutsu, famous family-friendly snow resort, they had a tour to Sapporo. First destination was Otaru where they had a soba lunch and shopping around Sakaimachi street with so many shops for tourists. Then went to Mitsui outlet park Kitahiroshima for shopping before final destination, Sapporo. They had some transfer services from us besides this day tour, and back to home.

4 days, Eliza Quanzo group

11 people group use one van and one small car looked for autumn leaves in Hokkaido Itinerary 11/7 New Chitose airport >> Otaru sightseeing >> Jozankei onsen 11/8 Jozankei >> Mt. Usu and Showashinzan >> Lake Toya >> Kyogoku fukidashi park >> Jozankei onsen 11/9 Jozankei >> Blue pond and Shirahige falls >> Asahikawa sightseeing >> Sapporo 11/10 Sapporo >> Sapporo city sightseeing >> New Chitose airport Details After arriving at New Chitose airport in the morning, they did Otaru sightseeing. Rainy day however it turned into snow, first one in this season! Stayed 2 nights in Jozankei onsen. Second day covered with Toya national park area. Third day was […]

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