Recent Tour

6 days, Yian Jones group

A couple took our luxury alphard for their 6 days tour cover major sightseeing spots in summer Itinerary 7/8 New Chitose airport(19:45 arrival) >> Tomamu 7/9 Tomamu >> Furano (cheese factory, farm Tomita etc.) >> Furano 7/10 Furano >> Biei(Shikisai-no-Oka, blue pond, Shirahige falls) >> Sapporo 7/11 Sapporo >> Sapporo(hills of Buddah, beer museum, Shiroi koibito park) >> Otaru(canal, Sakaimachi street) >> Otaru 7/12 Otaru >> Nantaru market >> Nikka whiskey distillery >> Kyogoku fukidashi park >> Lake Toya >> Mt. Usu and Showashinzan >> Noboribetsu hell valley >> Noboribetsu 7/13 Noboribetsu >> New Chitose airport Details Driver met them at the airport, 1945 pm and just took to Tomamu […]

One day, Tan Cheow Beng group

Our S-A tour after taking our private charter transfer service from New Chitose to Hakodate and Hakodate to Sapporo Itinerary 7/9 Sapporo >> Biei(Patchwork and panorama road, Blue pond, Shikisai-no-Oka) >> Farm Tomita >> Sapporo Details Good summer weather day means wonderful day for Furano and Biei trip. First visited Biei area for beautiful scenic drive and blue pond. After famous Sukisai-no-Oka flower garden, proceeded to go to Furano area for farm Tomita. Enjoy lavender field and other flowers there back to Sapporo, it was 10 hrs sightseeing tour.

One day, Jorge Yulo group

One day tour for the guest who stayed in Lake Toya, visiting Noboribetsu area Itinerary 6/25 Lake Toya >> Noboribetsu(Marine park, Hell valley Oyunuma, Bear park) >> Lake Hill farm >> Siro observatory >> Lake Toya Details 9 Hrs charter for Noboribetsu area sightseeing. Got a penguin parade from 11:00 am at Marine park first. After soba lunch, proceeded to go to Hell valley and Oyunuma, volcanic spots. Kid- friendly, Bear park was the final place. Before finishing the tour, stopover at Lake Hill farm and Siro observatory in Toya area.

6 days, Sandy Law group

6 days sightseeing tour from Chitose city to Sapporo downtown for 9 people family trip Itinerary 6/13 Chitose >> Noboribetsu(Date Jidaimura, Hell valley) >> Mt. Usuzan and Showashinzan >> Lake Toya >> Toyako onsen 6/14 Toyako >> Lake Onuma >> Hakodate(Morning market, Mt. Hakodateyama, Bay area) >> Toyako onsen 6/15 Toyako >> Kyogoku fukidashi park >> Shakotan peninsula >> Sapporo 6/16 Sapporo >> Yoichi(Fruits picking, Nikka whisky distilleries) >> Otaru(Canal, Sakaimachi street) >> Sapporo 6/17 Sapporo >> Shiroi Koibito park >> Sapporo beer museum/garden >> shopping >> Sapporo 6/18 Sapporo >> Furano(Cheese factory, Marche, Farm Tomita) >> Biei(Shikisai-no-Oka, Blue pond) >> Sapporo Details Hotel in Chitose was the pick up […]

3 days, Fredson Kotamena group

2 days tour from Shiretoko to Sapporo via Akan-Mashu nantional and one extra day tour for Otaru and Shiretoko peninsula Itinerary 6/16 Shiretoko Utoro >> Lake Mashu >> Lake Kussharo >> Lake Akan >> Kushiro marsh >> Tokachigawa onsen 6/17 Tokachigawa >> Tokachi farm >> Furano cheese factory >> Farm Tomita >> Sapporo 6/18 Sapporo >> Otaru(canal, Sakaimachi street) >> Yoichi >> Shiretoko peninsula(Cape Kamui, Shimamui coast) >> Sapporo Details Tour started from Utoro town, Shiretoko peninsula. Day 1 they reached Tokachigawa onsen via Akan-Mashu national park. Weather was not so good, unfortunately. On day 2 they went to Sapporo with sightseeing Furano area. Before going to Furano, short stopover […]

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