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4 days, Eliza Quanzo group

11 people group use one van and one small car looked for autumn leaves in Hokkaido Itinerary 11/7 New Chitose airport >> Otaru sightseeing >> Jozankei onsen 11/8 Jozankei >> Mt. Usu and Showashinzan >> Lake Toya >> Kyogoku fukidashi park >> Jozankei onsen 11/9 Jozankei >> Blue pond and Shirahige falls >> Asahikawa sightseeing >> Sapporo 11/10 Sapporo >> Sapporo city sightseeing >> New Chitose airport Details After arriving at New Chitose airport in the morning, they did Otaru sightseeing. Rainy day however it turned into snow, first one in this season! Stayed 2 nights in Jozankei onsen. Second day covered with Toya national park area. Third day was […]

One day, Gifford John Perral group

One day tour from Sapporo covered with Otaru and Shakotan peninsula. Itinerary 10/30 Sapporo >> Shiretoko peninsula(Shimamui coast, Cape Kamui) >> Yoichi >> Otaru >> Sapporo Asahiyama park lookout >> Sapporo Details Did drive to Shakotan peninsula, points are Shimamui coast(cape Shakotan) and Cape Kamui. Trail to Cape Kamui lighthouse was closed due to strong wind, however they walked around the rest house. Having a lunch on the way from Shakotan to Otaru, they took a time in Otaru. Still they had a small time till the end of service, so just had a stopover at Asahiyama lookout for nightview. Then finished the tour at Shingen ramen shop, very popular […]

7 days, Loy Yan Ru group

7 days tour from Sapporo to Toyako onsen, visited famous tourist spots for autumn Itinerary 10/20 Sapporo >> Taninoue park, Yubari >> Obihiro >> Tokachigawa onsen 10/21 Tokachigawa >> Kushiro marsh >> Akan crane center >> Lake Akan >> Akanko onsen 10/22 Akanko >> Lake Kussharo >> Mt. Iou >> Lake Mashu >> Youroushi onsen 10/23 Yoroushi >> Rausu >> Shiretoko pass >> Shiretoko five lakes >> Utoro onsen 10/24 Utoro >> Oshinkoshin falls >> Road to Heaven >> Abashiri >> Sounkyo onsen 10/25 Sounkyo >> Asahikawa >> Blue pond, Shirahige falls >> Furano 10/26 Furano >> Lake Shikotsu >> Mt. Usu and Showashinzan >> Lake Toya >> Toyako onsen […]

One day, Joyce Mak group

One day family tour from Otaru to Hakodate Itinerary 10/22 Otaru >> Kyogoku fukidashi park >> Funkawan panorama park >> Hakodate Details One day tour started from Otaru and ended in Hakodate. On the way they visited Kyogoku fukidashi park and Funkawan panorama park. Both are the park which has typical Hokkaido atmosphere, good to visit in autumn. Actually they prepared some boxed lunch and snacks for eating outside, yes, it was kind of picnic! Weather was not bad, so they enjoyed lunch and walking luckily.

4 days, Joelle Yi Heng group

4 days tour for autumn leaves in Hokkaido. Stay in Kitayuzawa onsen, 2 nights, and enjoy the area with autumn color. Itinerary 10/13 New Chitose airport >> Otaru(Canal, Sakaimachi st.) >> Sapporo 10/14 Sapporo >> Jozankei(Futami park) >> Hoheikyo Dam >> Otaki Sankaidaki falls >> Kitayuzawa onsen 10/15 Kitayuzawa >> Shiraoi Ayoro river >> Noboribetsu(Hell valley, Oyunuma) >> Lake Toya >> Mt. Usu >> Kitayuzawa onsen 10/16 Kitayuzawa >> New Chitose airport Details After arriving at New Chitose airport, they visited Otaru first. Just Otaru sightseeing on the first day. Day 2 for autumn leaves. Famous points, Jozankei, Hoheikyo dam, Otaki Sankaidaki falls were good time to see though many […]

8 days, Janis Kuah group

Our regular client from Singapore visited Hokkaido again and enjoy autumn leaves this time Itinerary 10/2 New Chitose airport >> Obihiro(Butadon lunch) >> farm picnic(corn on the cob) >> Tokachigawa onsen 10/3 Tokachigawa onsen >> Furano >> Shirogane onsen 10/4 Shirogane onsen >> Furano(cheese factory etc.) >> Shirogane onsen 10/5 Shorogane onsen >> Biei(Shirahige falls, Blue pond) >> Asahiyama zoo >> Asarigawa onsen 10/6 Asarigawa onsen >> Fruits picking >> Shakotan peninsula >> Otaru >> Asarigawa onsen 10/7 Asarigawa onsen >> Gondola for enjoying autumn leaves >> Jyozankei dam >> Jozankei onsn 10/8 Jozankei onsen >> Sapporo(shopping time) >> Jozankei onsen 10/9 Jozankei onsen >> Kitahiroshima outlet mall >> Ecorin […]

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