Wear a Japanese-style Kimono, traditional clothing, first and enjoy walking Hokkaido Jingu shrine, Tanikikoji alley etc. Shinto Shrine experience, entering main Honden building, having a formal ceremony from the chief priest Kannushi and getting Goshuin red stamp. Must be wonderful experience for your Japan trip.

■Tour Available : 2019/1/15-2/1,2/11-4/26

Tour Itinerary (duration:3.5 Hrs)

PLEASE SELECT morning tour(9:00AM start) or afternoon tour(13:00PM start)

9:00AM or 13:00PM Hotel(in Sapporo city) pick up

Japanese kimono dressing(can choose your favorite one) (about 40 min.)

Shinto shrine experience at Hokkaido Jingu Tongu (about 40 min.)

Walking around Hokkaido Jingu, Tanukikoji alley etc. (about 40 min.)

Changing clothes

12:30PM or 16:30PM Hotel drop off


Kimono experience

First you choose your favorite kimono, Japanese traditional clothing, at the kimono shop. The staff teach and help you to wear it. During your stay in Sapporo you do sightseeing with wearing it. Yes, it would be good for photo shooting.

Shinto Shrine experience at Hokkaido Jingu Tongu

You can experience formal style worship here, Tongu, an auxiliary shrine of Hokkaido Jingu. Entering main “Honden” building and you can have a formal ceremony from the chief priest called “Kannushi”. Goshuin, scarlet stamp over which the name of the shrine is written with a brush and ink, and Goshuincho, a special notebook for collecting these stamps, are included in the price.

Hokkaido Jingu shrine

The Hokkaido Shrine was built in 1869 after the Meiji Emperor decreed that the “three pioneering gods” be enshrined to uplift the spirit of the pioneers. The protective deities, who have overseen the development of Hokkaido and the happiness of its people, continue to play an important part in Hokkaido citizens’ lives.


Group of 5 or more === 13000 JPY per person

Group of 3 or 4 ===== 14500 JPY per person

Group of 2 ======== 15900 JPY per person

included:vehicle(small car, van etc. depends on number of passengers), Kimono experience, Shrine experience(formal worship ceremony, Goshuin and  Goshuin for each), travel insurance, TAX

*if someone wish to attend the tour without experience kimono, for example just taking pictures for others, 4000 JPY per person discounted rate available


Advance Payment by online credit card required. We accept VISA, Master card. When booking, we will send you a payment email with URL link to the credit card payment form through which you can make a payment online. Please note that your reservation won’t be completed unless the payment is made in advance.


Cancellation over 8 days before the tour –no charge
7 days -2 days before the tour –30% of the total package cost is charged
1 day before the tour –40% of the total package cost is charged
On the day of the tour –50% of the total package cost is charged
No show on the day –100% of the total package is charged

 Additional Info

  • booking required up to 3 days prior to the tour date
  • minimum participants required : 2 persons
  • driver may speak Japanese, not English

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