1. Request and Get a Quote

Please let us know your request details;

  • Date / How many days?
  • Number of your group
  • Stay locations(if decided)
  • Itinerary(if already have)
  • Message
We suggest you an itinerary and the quotation!

2. Making a Plan well and Confirm

We are glad to help making your own holiday, and we can arrange;

  • Hotel/Accommodation
  • Auto Camp Site
  • Activities

Please note we cannot arrange DRIVER for a camper van

3. Payment

Please check our T and C before booking

We accept advance payment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express

4. Enjoy Your Holiday

FREE car delivery to the place you request in Sapporo

Staff check your driver license and passport, and ask you to fill out a rental application form

Start your holiday!

Your own style Hokkaido by a Camper Van

We can help your camper van holiday in Hokkaido;

Camper Van rental
Accommodation/Auto camp site reservation
Activity reservation
Itinerary planning

Please make your own style of Hokkaido!