8 days, Janis Kuah group

Our regular client from Singapore visited Hokkaido again and enjoy autumn leaves this time


10/2 New Chitose airport >> Obihiro(Butadon lunch) >> farm picnic(corn on the cob) >> Tokachigawa onsen

10/3 Tokachigawa onsen >> Furano >> Shirogane onsen

10/4 Shirogane onsen >> Furano(cheese factory etc.) >> Shirogane onsen

10/5 Shorogane onsen >> Biei(Shirahige falls, Blue pond) >> Asahiyama zoo >> Asarigawa onsen

10/6 Asarigawa onsen >> Fruits picking >> Shakotan peninsula >> Otaru >> Asarigawa onsen

10/7 Asarigawa onsen >> Gondola for enjoying autumn leaves >> Jyozankei dam >> Jozankei onsn

10/8 Jozankei onsen >> Sapporo(shopping time) >> Jozankei onsen

10/9 Jozankei onsen >> Kitahiroshima outlet mall >> Ecorin village >> New Chitose airport


They love Hokkaido, JAPAN very much, and try Japanese room stays during all their stay, 7 nights! Yes, truly onsen lovers.

And tried farm picnic on the first day though taking a long flight from Singapore. Picked and ate corns at the farm in Tokachi religion.

Stayed in Shirogane onsen and enjoyed autumn leaves around the area – Furano and Biei.

Moved to central Hokkaido, and tried fruits picking etc.

A bit warmer than usual this year, so that autumn leaves were a bit earlier than they had expected, actually. They may come back our country next time soon.

For your customized Hokkaido, please CONTACT US!!

We can arrange;

Private vehicle with ENG speaking driver
Private charter transfer(small car, van)
Charter bus(full-size, middle-size, small-size, micro)

Tour guide/Tour attendant etc.

Please make your own style of Hokkaido!

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