6 days, Sandy Law group

6 days sightseeing tour from Chitose city to Sapporo downtown for 9 people family trip


6/13 Chitose >> Noboribetsu(Date Jidaimura, Hell valley) >> Mt. Usuzan and Showashinzan >> Lake Toya >> Toyako onsen

6/14 Toyako >> Lake Onuma >> Hakodate(Morning market, Mt. Hakodateyama, Bay area) >> Toyako onsen

6/15 Toyako >> Kyogoku fukidashi park >> Shakotan peninsula >> Sapporo

6/16 Sapporo >> Yoichi(Fruits picking, Nikka whisky distilleries) >> Otaru(Canal, Sakaimachi street) >> Sapporo

6/17 Sapporo >> Shiroi Koibito park >> Sapporo beer museum/garden >> shopping >> Sapporo

6/18 Sapporo >> Furano(Cheese factory, Marche, Farm Tomita) >> Biei(Shikisai-no-Oka, Blue pond) >> Sapporo


Hotel in Chitose was the pick up point, visited Noboribetsu and Lake Toya on day 1.

They stayed 2 nights in Toya, and did sightseeing Hakodate area on day 2.

Destination on day 3 was Niseko area and Shakotan peninsula. A bit long drive day finished in Sapporo, and they stayed 4 nights in Sapporo downtown.

Finally rainy day on day 4 however they tried to do fruits picking. Strawberry season was almost over but cherry picking was available on that day luckily. After picking they went to Otaru.

Day 5 was short day. Still rain but enjoyed Shiroi Koibito park, chocolate factory, and beer museum – yes, indoor sightseeing day.

Stopped raining on the final day, destination was Furano and Biei.

They took a flight back after free and easy day.

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