Here we suggest some itineraries for you.
These are just samples.
Please let us know your interests, request and style.
Contact us and get your original Hokkaido plan and quotation, please.

  1. Three major cities for tourist
    Essential of Hokkaido. Visit 3 major cities and Onsen-hot springs.
  2. Eastern nature sightseeing
    Biggest city, Sapporo and Hokkaido nature. Why don’t you stay at Onsen hotel?
  3. For nature lovers
    Feel and touch our nature in world heritage site Shiretoko and eastern Hokkaido
  4. Sakura-cherry blossoms viewing
    It is hard to tell a best timing to see Sakura, we guess this itinerary for early May.
  5. Enjoy Spring flowers
    Itinerary for May. Sakura-cherry blossom,pink moss and tulip.
  6. Summer activities and flowers
    Enjoy summer activities in Tomamu and see flowers in Furano & Biei
  7. Autumn leaves season
    Red, yellow, orange… very colorful season and good for gourmet people
  8. Winter activities in snow resort
    World famous snow resort waiting for you with great powder snow.
  9. Winter wildlife in Eastern Hokkaido
    Would like you to experience unique style activities and wildlife.